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Perfect your Rig with Silence and Control

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“Deep within the solitude of the temple, the Sau’s of the Per-Ankh circled in silence. Their conclusion was self-evident. Only those pure of tone could be received in the temple and find sonic peace. From the centre of their silent circle, the Orb swelled and raised above the Pylons. Erupting in a rain of light and spewing forth daggers of lightning, their new God subdued and separated the chaotic ocean of noise from the perfect breeze of stillness. Peace reigned once more, the hordes of cacophony overcome.”

When you add drive, dirt or other sound manipulation devices to your signal, the trade-off is always noise. So, many players turn to noise gates to help tame these unwanted nasties. Unlike many noise gates on the market, the PYLON ATB Noise Gate seeks to not only drive back the hordes of fizz and hum, but also arms and reinforces your tonal attack, shutting down the noise and yet helping you enjoy your rig’s true potential. This advanced, multi-functional and super-versatile pedal not only features an ultra-fast Gate with a smooth trigger, an integrated Boost section, an External Trigger Input for external bypass switching or Gate-triggering, a relay-based Channel Switcher for your amp but also sports a built-in Audio Transformer to help enhance and balance your rig. Hear and feel the quiet in the eye of the storm!

Main Features
• ATB (Advanced Transformer Boost) Noise Gate Pedal
• Easy-to-use, yet high-performance Blackmer® VCA-based Noise Gate
• Integrated Audio Transformer - adds heft to signal
• Switchable Boost/Attenuation circuit - up to 37 dB of gain on tap
• Variable frequency CUT control - helps to tighten up the low end and remove mud
• EXT Trigger Input - allows Gate and Bypass control from external sources
• Channel Relay Output - switch your amp’s gain channel in sync with the pedal
• FX-Loop, for signal-chain flexibility and 4-cable method connectivity
• Internal Ground Lift Control
• Relay-based soft-switching, with selectable Gate/Boost switching modes
• Made in Berlin, Germany
• Power by opt. 9 V PSU (9 V DC, centre -, 2.1 mm, 160 mA max. current draw)


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