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The Advanced Freq Splitter

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"Do you remember the sounds coming from the woods, as a rough and towering man was wielding his frequency-splitting axe? Driven by nature’s most primordial force, that man then dropped his simple axe, picked up his power saw and evolved into something more. Something bigger, stronger and more versatile. Standing tall is TYLER DELUXE - the ultimate frequency-selective signal-splitting tool, ideal for developing new sounds and leading your creativity down new inspiring parallel paths."

KMA Machine’s TYLER (active and variable two channel crossover/signal splitter) has successfully found its place on many bass and guitar players’ boards around the world, helping them refine and define their tone.

However never to stand still, we at KMA Machines decided to step up the game and create a more advanced, versatile and flexible solution, based on the great feedback from our users. Introducing TYLER DELUXE.

Main Features:
• Two-Channel Signal Splitter – Variable 12 dB/oct. Low/High-Pass
• Fully-Isolated and Transformer-based FX Loop Sends
• Variable Clean Blend and Mix controls – for the perfect blend of highs and lows
• Loop-dedicated and main Phase-Inverters
• Relay-based soft-switching
• Separate Buffered FX-Loops for each filter
• Active Level Control – up to12 dB boost
• True Bypass silent relay-based soft switching
• Handmade in Berlin, Germany
• Power by opt. 9 V PSU
(9 V DC, centre -, 2.1 mm, 100 mA max. current draw)


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